Unforgetable Raw Mandarin Cheesecake
Raw, Vegan, Paleo
Always use organic ingredients where possible to avoid the chemical sprays in foods
  • Base
  • 220g dried coconut
  • 150g medjool dates soaked in warm water
  • pinch salt
  • Filling
  • 300g raw cashews soaked for at least 2-4 hours in filtered water
  • 100g coconut oil
  • 100g maple syrup (reduce to your taste)
  • 2-3 drops to Young Living orange essential oil
  • 4 homegrown mandarins
  • 200g coconut cream
  1. Line a baking tin – about 23cm x 23cm – or similar sized container with baking parchment.
  2. Base:
  3. If you are using coconut flakes or shaved coconut, blend that 10 sec/ speed 6 first before adding the dates and salt. Put all the ingredients into the thermomix and blend 10 sec/speed 10 or use your food processor to combine the ingredients.
  4. Press the base ingredients firmly into the prepared tin to ensure that when you cut it the base holds well. Pop the tin into the freezer to set the base. Wash out the thermomix bowl or food processor bowl.
  5. Filling:
  6. Melt the coconut oil 37 degrees/3-5 min/speed 1 till liquid
  7. Peel and prepare the mandarins in a bowl to catch all the juice, remove seeds and skin if you prefer though the thermomix will blend these well for you.
  8. Place half the mandarins into the thermomix or blender bowl with the rest of the ingredients and blend 2 min/speed 10 or till smooth. Add the remaining half of the mandarins and stir through speed 3/2 seconds. Pour the mixture into the base and set in the freezer at least 4 hours. Decorate with desired toppings when set.
  9. If it is sticking to the pan, put some hot water in your sink with the plug in then quickly plunge the cheesecake in and out of the water and it should lift out easily. Cut with a clean knife to serve.
  10. Leave in the fridge for about half an hour before serving. During the summer months it is easy to serve frozen!! Enjoy
Recipe by Wholefood Savvy at http://wholeandsavvy.com/savvy-recipes/thermomix-raw-mandarin-cheesecake/